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Festivals in Singapore: Pongal

Pongal is a 4 day harvest festival celebrated by Tamils. Celebrations include the cooking of Pongal (milk, rice and sugar boiled in earthenware pot; when milk overflows from the pot it symbolizes an abundance of blessing for the family, decorating of the household, honoring of cattle.

I have seen this movie recently: Xmas movies at Chijmes

And Christmas is over. It’s a pity that here in Singapore celebration takes just one day, while all these  pre-Christmas preparations take so long!.

One of a “must do” Advent activity is watching movies with Christmas in the background. This year I had a chance to see again “Love actually” and “Holidays” for the first time (but not for last time :) ).

My great green escape: Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

It is very hard to believe that I am in Singapore while being here. This place brings silence, fresh air and a wild nature around! Definitely one of my favourite places for weekends, even if getting there without a car is not that easy. Due to large wetlands it is an absolutely fantastic place for a birdwatching, but there are also other residents ;-) Recently the park has opened its new area with new attractions  for a public. Hope you will enjoy your time here!! 


Streets of Singapore: Christmas Lights 2014 at Orchard Rd.

Christmas is coming. You can see it everywhere. You can hear it everywhere. Let's go to the most popular shopping street in Singapore and see Christmas lights at Orchard Road. Every shopping mall has its own Christmas tree. I can't really tell, which one is the most beautiful. What funny, there are many unicorns, but no Red-Nosed Reindeer!  What a country! ;-)