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Festivals in Singapore: St. Patric's Day

It was a very long celebration of St. Patric's Day this year!!. It started on weekend prior to March 17th and both days were full of concerts and performances (e.g Irish dances) +  on Sunday there was (already 10th in Singapore) great St. Patrick's parade!! I was suprised that Irish community in Singapore did manage to build so strong tradition of St. Patric's day celebration in so short period of time. It was fun!!! More fun I had when landed on March 17th in English pub (yes, on this day English pubs pretend to be like Irish places). A lot of music and a lot of beer.

Festivals in Singapore: Happy Holi!!

 Yesterday I had a chance to observe and to participate in Indian festival called Holi, a spring festival known also as a festival of colours. Even if it comes from religious tradition (there is long story, but in the short it signifies the victory of good over evil), today is celebrated by many people, not only Hindu community.